Tuesday, October 28, 2008

News: What Scares Danny Elfman?

Hint: She Wears Glasses and Looks Like Tina Fey


From Batman to Nightmare Before Christmas to Edward Scissorhands, Danny Elfman is not only one of the most talented film composers ever to lend their talents to the big screen but news reports reveal that the man who's helped add scary musical ambiance to memorable films and television shows has found himself shaking in his own shoes. And the culprit isn't Johnny Depp raising scissors or Jack Nicholson dancing with the devil in a pale moonlight but the very real prospect that we could find ourselves faced with President Sarah Palin.

However, he isn't content to take things lying down and instead, much like the heroes of the scores he's created, he's decided to take action in the form of "a powerful new TV ad airing today, produced by Elfman's newly formed political action committee (PAC), OurGreatestFear.org." According to a recent press release, the previously politically inactive Elfman has decided that "the threat of a Palin presidency is so credible, Elfman explains, [that] it has driven him to get the message out to voters before the November 4 election."

In his own words, he reveals that, "Undecided voters need to think about the fact that John McCain's advanced age and his continuing battle with cancer mean that the probability of his not completing his term simply too high. And the very real possibility of Sarah Palin... as Commander-in- Chief of the most powerful military force in the world is unacceptable- - even unimaginable! " Continuing on, he shares that, "We're running this ad in critical swing states Ohio and Pennsylvania, and hoping concerned Americans will offer their support to get the ad into Florida and Nevada."

Whether one shares his political views or not, in this critical of an election, it's always good to gather facts before voting to make an educated decision. And to learn more about Elfman's stand, to view his ad, or explore more about his new political action committee, you can visit the site by clicking here.
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