Saturday, August 1, 2009

Film Intuition's July Poll Results: What Do You Think of 3D?

In July We Asked:

With so many feature films being released in 3D to get viewers back into theatres, there's no shortage of the trend stopping from a studio's point-of-view but how do audience members feel?


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The Results:

(Note: We let readers select as many options as they'd like since this topic could have a few variables such as "I dislike it but I may like it better if" or vice versa):

I hate it; it should've stayed in the 1950s. 29%
It's distracting and/or it gives me a headache. 29%
Studios should be more critical in their choices of which movies to release in 3D. 29%

Hollywood needs a new trend. 27%
The ticket to a 3D screening costs too much. 25%
There are too many 3D titles. 22%

If they're theatrically released in 3D, then that format should be available on DVD & Blu-ray too.
Given the right material, 3D enhances the movie. 16%
I would pay more for a ticket only if I REALLY wanted to see the movie in 3D. 12%

I like 3D better when it's used for animated movies like Up and Monsters vs. Aliens. 8%
I love it; more films should be made in 3D. 8%
It's making going to the movies fun again. 8%
I prefer 3D for live action (non-animated) features like My Bloody Valentine. 6%

Get Ready for August:

And now for August: To prepare you for one of the most discussed and highly controversial upcoming summer movies-- Quentin Tarantino's World War II Epic, Inglorious Basterds-- we're announcing our new poll which asks you to select the best directorial achievement QT has created so far on film.

Your mind may immediately leap to one movie with the initials of P.F. but seriously guys, it's harder than you think when you go back and review the rest. Furthermore, to keep it more succinct than July's poll, I'm only going with his work as a filmmaker-- not a screenwriter, guest director, or co-director so True Romance, Death Proof and Sin City etc. are all out and I do apologize for that. However, to this end, all complaints can be filed with Brad Pitt's character c/o Inglorious Basterds. Just kidding! Enjoy and click here to vote as well as e-mail the poll, embed it on your site and get as many fans involved as possible. :)

Additionally, if you haven't checked the site in awhile, followed the Twitter updates or feeds-- we're currently running TWO contests for readers in the month of August. Check 'em out.

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