Sunday, January 24, 2010

Site News: Help Film Intuition for Free

Dear Friends and Readers,

Once again, iGive is attempting to donate $5,000 to Film Intuition in just 24 hours to help us stay afloat from noon central time on 2/24 running until noon on 2/25 or before the $5,000 limit for ALL organizations put together is reached. No purchase necessary.

Just register to help Film Intuition and THEN visit one of their 750+ stores by clicking off their site (no shopping required).
For every new supporter, iGive will donate $1.00 to keep FI running.

And once you're a member, you can download their cool Yahoo toolbar, which will benefit us every time you search the web (again with no fees or purchases required).

Likewise, if you are in the market for anything available online, chances are the store is partnered with iGive and a portion of your proceeds will help Film Intuition keep running, adding more features, contests, and additionally support the costs of an independent site.

Thank you for your support, time and above all your readership as it's greatly appreciated.

- Jen

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