Saturday, July 16, 2011

Film Buff News: Barnes & Noble's 50% Off Criterion Collection DVD & Blu-ray Sale is Here

Criterion Collection Fans, Get Ready for Some Broadcast News:

50% Off Criterion DVD & Blu-ray Sale at!

For Discerning Film Buffs (and for a limited time), the Biggest Blu-ray and DVD Sale of the Year is Back at Barnes & Noble as gorgeous box sets and standalone collectible discs new and old hit the 50% off Sale Shelves once again in-store and online.

That's right, get your Criterion fix without having to Blow Out your bank account by indulging in BN's cinematic Days of Heaven to find yourself Something Wild.

But with so many titles going so fast that that it can leave you Breathless, relish in the Sweet Smell of Success of getting what you want in your time from the comfort of your computer since you don't need a Mystery Train to visit BN's Criterion Sale in these Modern Times online.

Explore New Movements and New Waves from around the World (including French, Japanese, and Australian oh my!), check out classics and cult hits such as forgotten films and flicks you'll never forget. It's a Bigger Than Life Criterion Celebration all around!

50% Off Criterion DVD & Blu-ray Sale at!

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