Friday, July 25, 2014

Shop It: Barnes and Noble's 50% Off Criterion Collection Sale -- Ends Monday

Film Buffs, Take Note:

Barnes and Noble's 50% Off Criterion Collection Sale

Ends This Monday

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Use the remaining days wisely to peruse the Criterion catalog and relish in the deep discounts of expertly restored, painstakingly remastered and scholarly research-filled releases. Titles run the gamut from single discs to thematic box sets and career spanning collections.

From cult classics to award-winning crowd pleasers, new debuts and old selections alike (along with other tie-in sales on non-Criterion arthouse, foreign and/or classic fare), whether you're truly going back to school or just turning your living room into your own film school, look no further than these extra credit worthy options for extracurricular study.

(Click on the cover art below to take you to the sale!)


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