Friday, October 24, 2014

Film Intuition News: Jen Johans Joins One Perfect Shot as Contributing Editor

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In addition to reviewing titles here at Film Intuition, I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be joining forces with talented filmmaker Geoff Todd as a contributing editor of One Perfect Shot.

Eager to celebrate the visual side of films along with the analytic, I've begun programming stills for One Perfect Shot's Facebook Community in anticipation for the launch of the social media group's official website.

With the new site scheduled to hit the web in a few weeks (around Film Intuition's ninth anniversary), you can expect more exciting posts and varying multimedia creations including collages and videos to debut here online.

As always, the best way to keep up with the newest updates from myself (Jen Johans) and Film Intuition is to subscribe to the site's Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Additionally, please consider checking out the phenomenally popular One Perfect Shot either at its original Twitter home and/or the Facebook Community where you can see my picks before they reach even Twitter.


The One Perfect Shot Story:

What started on Twitter as a way to not only honor cinema's past but hopefully inspire the next generation of filmmakers has quickly reached more than 80,000 likeminded film lovers around the globe.

With an Indiegogo funded official website on the way that will offer devotees the chance to celebrate and share their own favorite images, One Perfect Shot (OPS) has continued to expand its community of movie lovers on Facebook, Wordpress, and beyond. And along the way, OPS has garnered press coverage from others who've enjoyed the ride in online publications such as A.V. Club and Mashable.

Regularly deriving inspiration right along with its subscribers by putting the clever submissions of fellow sharp-eyed cineastes to use, One Perfect Shot has also begun building a team (including Film Intuition writer Jen Johans) in anticipation for its online expansion.

First brought to life by Geoff Todd, OPS is still operated by Portland based filmmaker.

While perfection can be hard to define, passionate film lovers know it when they see it and it's this unspoken recognition that unites one film fan to the next regardless of land or language. More than just appreciation in the eye of the beholder, shots are what unite films from one frame to the next — standing alone as well as together while also standing the test of time.

To OPS creator Geoff Todd, "a perfect shot conveys the very soul of the story it’s working with. Whether it’s harsh lighting and quirky angles, or the rich aesthetics of someone like [legendary cinematographer] Jack Cardiff, the perfect shot is a story in itself."

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