Wednesday, January 28, 2009

DVD Release Announcement: The Invaders -- The Second Season (1968)

On DVD for the Very First Time:

CBS DVD and Paramount Home Entertainment Proudly
Unearth the Second and Final Season of ABC's 1967-68 Series,
The Invaders

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Containing All 26 Final Episodes Gorgeously Packaged in a Box Set filled with 7 DVDs-- we catch up with architect David Vincent (Roy Thinnes) who, after witnessing the landing of an alien spaceship, travels across the United States to warns a disbelieving public to leave their skepticism at the door as The Invaders have arrived.

Approximately 1,336 minutes and also available as a complete set with the first season, this January 27, 2009 release contains brand-new episodic introductions by Roy Thinnes, Alan Armer's episode commentary on "The Peacemaker," and an interview with Thinnes on creator Larry Cohen's popular science fiction series.

Fan-Made DVD Promotional Trailer

Vintage ABC Promos for Season 1

Much like the recent exceptional release of Star Trek Season 3 in an exquisite remastered collector's set (along with the previous releases) and the huge complete series collection of The 4400, once again CBS DVD and Paramount Home Entertainment help science fiction and TV junkies get their fix of excellent television in a world where it's in too short of supply.

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