Wednesday, January 28, 2009

TV News: Ovation TV Presents the World Premiere Original Special "Brilliant Green" on January 30 @ 8p.m. ET/PT

Rounding out their week-long programming event
"Everything is Art," which included both
Adventures in Architecture
and Designer People,
Ovation TV debuts the extraordinary
Brilliant Green.

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"Creativeness comes out of solving a problem in an intelligent way," architect Ray Kappe announces in Brilliant Green while responding not only to the demanding challenge to lessen our carbon footprint in our effort to become a more environmentally responsible and eco-friendly society but also in a way that seems to tie in directly with Ovation TV's ultimate goal to "Make Like Creative."

Sponsored by Subaru, the hour long special introduces viewers to innovative technology, new approaches, and imaginative thinking employed by professionals and designers at Patagonia, Subaru, LivingHomes, along with focusing on the individual efforts of designers and artists like Chris Jordan, Joel Tauber, and Amanda Shi (Avita).

By featuring surprising and staggering statistics that reveal our extraordinary global waste, we discover the horrific impact of consumerism that goes into excess of everything including the 30,000 breast augmentations completed per month, 2,000,000 plastic bottles that are used every five minutes, 11,000 flights which take off every eight hours, and 1,140,000 paper bags used every single hour. And while these revelations are terrifying to say the least, we learn inspiring ways in which the individuals and corporations highlighted are trying to help.

From fashion label Patagonia's decision to take full responsibility for their products that they want back in order to recycle when the consumer is finished to Subaru's goal to create O% landfill waste via several proactive solutions, overall all included repeatedly inspire and state that it's their ethical responsibility as artists to work together whether in the fashion industry or architectural design to help get the message out about this eco-movement and make big changes to reverse the astounding damage that's already been done.

The special will premiere on January 30 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT and below, you can see three segments from Brilliant Green.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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