Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Movie Casting News: Audition Online for 20th Century Fox's "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"

Jeff Kinney's Beloved Series
Comes to the Big Screen

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"I'm Wimpy and Proud!"

20th Century Fox is holding an online casting call to find a ten to thirteen year old "bright, precocious and appealing young [male] actor."

The role description from the Wimpy website describes the lead character Greg Heffley as "slight, skinny, physically unprepossessing, and not overly cute or precocious, with a quirky, memorable face." Additionally, they explain that they're striving to find someone who is also "bright and articulate" who possesses a vivid fantasy life" yet perpetually "cursed by the fact that he's in middle school."

Reminding both children and stage parents that the young males auditioning "must be able to handle" dialogue and that a flair for ironic comedy helps as they invite prospective applicants to imagine "a younger version of Michael Cera... or Larry David in middle school."

So, for your visual and cinematic reference, I guess they're imagining a cross between these two and their creative work:

Describing the process in five easy pieces (or steps-- sorry, couldn't resist!) on their official website IamtheWimpyKid.Com and reminding children that parents need to be involved, you can find out all the information by clicking here.
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