Thursday, January 29, 2009

Online Game News: Burn Notice -- Covert Ops 2.0

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Following up the successful Covert Ops 1.0, USA Network and Burn Notice are launching a second online game, once again developed as the press release reveals, "in conjunction with the show’s creator Matt Nix."

Reuniting the game with GM’s Saab USA-- with Burn Notice Covert Ops 2.0-- the number one scripted show on basic cable is pleased to kick off the "second installment of the most successful online game in the channel’s history."

Enabling players to get more involved with the world of Burn Notice by turning users into covert spies and challenging them to conduct surveillance-- players can pretend to be Michael Westen-- as they "clone a phone and plant evidence, all while behind the wheel of a Saab 9-3 Convertible." Additional elements of Covert Ops 2.0 will also consist of "video spy tips, full episodes, behind the scenes and more."

And while I can't promise you'll look as handsome in a suit as lead actor Jeffrey Donovan, have a funnier sidekick than Bruce Campbell or a beautifully seductive ally like Gabrielle Anwar, any chance in this economy to test out a free Saab (even a virtual one) sounds like a great deal to me.

As the press release continues, Covert Ops 2.0 will not only contain the adrenaline-fueled adventure of the original game but also includes seven new video-based missions featuring the recurring Burn Notice character Seymour (Silas Weir Mitchell). And in doing so, each week-- following an all-new episode of the series on the USA Network-- "users will be able to go online to take part in a new daring mission and help Seymour retrieve a valuable microchip."

Adding an incentive to the game which was also created in conjunction with the L.A. based Omelet firm specializing in advertising and entertainment, "the players who complete all seven missions are eligible to win a deluxe home entertainment system."

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